Together we can do more

At Glaze we believe that working together can help us create an even better product and experience for prosthetic users. Together we can fulfill the needs of our customers and make their life not only easier, but above all - better

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Work with us

We can work together in different ways! Take a look and pick the best option for you.



We can work together in different ways! Take a look and pick the best option for you.

Our cooperation will be based on mutual promotion in digital - in social media and on our site. Your workshop will be added as a partner on our website and the information about your joining will be delivered to our customers via mail and our social media channels.

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The best choice for a collective profit.

Within the silver option, you’ll be provided with a fair profit from every prosthetic bought by your customers. It starts with you buying the test set, which gives you with a chance to get to know the products better and verify the socket production. The test set will also be helpful once it comes to introducing the prosthetic to your customers. The set consists of:

  • Above Elbow Glaze
  • Glaze Elbow Joint
  • Lamination rings
  • Below elbow Glaze
  • Glaze wrist systems
  • Test socket (for presentation purposes, on how the system works)

All comes in a nice, a bit fancy even!, box with bags and marketing materials.

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The best choice for when you want more.

If you want our cooperation to be something even more and provide you with an extra source of income, contact us directly and we’ll figure out the best option for you!

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Range of products

At Glaze we offer users different kind of prosthetics - personalized for their unique needs. We offer prosthetics above and below elbow. Download the catalogue and get to know the specification of our products.

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We’re working with top prosthetic specialists from all over the world. You might be next!